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The Origin of Magic

The Origin of Magic:

I’m currently running a few scripts on my laptop that add a few random notes to my daily task list for me to review. The notes are drawn from a folder of my own plain text journal entries, logs and drafts of poems or potential blog posts, but also from a few of my Evernote notebooks. As a daily practice, it’s proving to be a rather excellent way to refresh my memory of things that I’ve archived, to experience again the value of those bits of knowledge or thinking, and/or to consider some old writing in a completely different context. I may bore you with the technical details in another post, but today, serendipity served up a note I’d made a year ago that has peculiar significance to a meeting I’m going to have later his afternoon, and also the above linked Macdrifter post from 2014, which simply made me smile.

I’m enjoying the idea of engineering more opportunities for serendipity and good fortune in my everyday routines, and it has to be said— technology (even the kind of lo-fi tech I’m cobbling together at the moment) so often feels like magic.