Marbert Rocel – Whether The Night (by compostrecords)

Marbert Rocel - Whether The Night (by compostrecords)

Mar 3

Marbert Rocel – Whether The Night (by compostrecords)

Marbert Rocel - Whether The Night (by compostrecords)

Mar 3

Long time no music post. Currently geeking out over this: Robert…

Long time no music post. Currently geeking out over this: Robert Glasper Experiment- Twice/ Smells Like Teen Spirit - Live at New Morning,Paris 2011 (by ghostjazz)

Note: (around 11.30, from the comment stream)— “it’s not actually a polyrhythm because it is the same beat, BUT what chris dave is doing is shifting it backwards by 1/8 note each time he stops. This is incredibly difficult because of how accustomed our ears are to western music.” 

Feb 26

Can’t. Get. This. Song. Out. Of. My. Head. Lianne La…

Can’t. Get. This. Song. Out. Of. My. Head. Lianne La Havas— Forget. One eye on the past and one eye on the future with the video; brings to mind old Soul II Soul, Terrance Trent Darby and other UK soul promos in styling, colour palette and temperament. Go hard, Lianne. Looking forward to more many more good things from you. 

Feb 4

I’m learning to love Sunday afternoons. Taking a…

I’m learning to love Sunday afternoons. Taking a mini-break from catching up on some reading, and I heartily recommend that you listen to some Orakel. That is all. 

Jan 30

Happy Birthday Miscellany! This blog turns 3 today. Three (or is…

Happy Birthday Miscellany! This blog turns 3 today. Three (or is that four?) years in the Tumblrsphere. I took a look back over the past few years and yes, it seems my focus hasn’t really changed all that much. From the early days, Miscellany has been a dump for anything I’ve found interesting - no real agenda, just cool links, poems and images, with the odd personal post in between, content pointing toward web/tech, literature, design, illustration, life hacks, inspirational essays/quotes, photography and the odd bit of music. Most of the photography/design I used to post from around the web split off into another site (Before It Disappears), and I even brought my own photography over to Tumblr via ForThen&EverMore. Yes, I’ve made attempts to generate more dedicated writing here over the past year or so, which ironically harks back to the blogging I used to do prior to signing up for a Tumblr account (way too easy to hit that reblog button…), but perhaps the biggest change has been the fragmentation, the different aspects of my interests that have forked off and become their own distinct entities. How do you maintain it all, someone asked? However I can, I replied…

Sigh. I look back and get a little misty eyed. All this content generation and curation - it runs alongside my own creative output, but could it be considered a valid thread in my portfolio of life works? To think of all the books I might produce through the rest of my career - it’s totally conceivable that someone might take an interest in my published work, and seek out everything I’ve ever written, but how many of my “followers” will ever go back through the entirety of my archived posts to gain a critical perspective of how I’ve developed as a blogger/curator? For that matter, how many of them will go back past last week?

The poet Lemn Sissay said somewhere “you’re only as good as the last poem you wrote.” Maybe here, on this screen, with everything else that’s going on, all the other voices clamouring for your attention, this blog is only as good as the last entry I post? 

All of that to say, whoever you are, thank you for reading, and here’s to the year ahead. There now follows a party in this blog post, with a soundtrack provided by a perennial favourite - Dimlite. Starts slow, but if you manage to stave off your web-induced ADD, you’ll find it’s a beautiful set. Follow this link to download/télecharger the show, if you like it. Press play…

Oct 8

Most Listened To (Week Ending 2010-9-26)

Most Listened To (Week Ending 2010-9-26):
  1. ahu (12)
  2. PVT (11)
  3. Dimlite (10)
  4. Bunny on Acid (10)
  5. Cinematic Orchestra (10)

…though really, Ahu counts as +12 to Dimlite for the Dimlite remix of Ahu’s “To:Love”. I’ve listened to that one on short rotation since it turned up on iTunes, and it’s still part of the perfect soundtrack for an afternoon of drafting blog posts. By the way - did I mention that though I’m still quite happy with “writer”, as championed by Patrick Rhone, I can now claim “blogger” as a professional title? More on that in another post, methinks. In the meantime, this chart has been brought to you by the popular pipe by JoeLaz. Go get your own.

Sep 27

Most Listened To (Week Ending 2010-8-22)

Most Listened To (Week Ending 2010-8-22):
  1. Mount Kimbie (38)
  2. Sepalcure (35)
  3. Cecilia Stalin (26)
  4. Andreya Triana (15)
  5. Daisuke Tanabe (14)

Powered by the popular pipe by JoeLaz

Hm. It took me a minute to get there, but dubstep finally took control of my playlist last week. Digging Mount Kimbie hard. Andreya Triana? She’s up here courtesy of a Mount Kimbie remix of ‘A Town Called Obselete’. As for Cecilia Stalin - find her versions of Afro Blue. For a piece of music that’s been covered a zillion different times, she’s put a couple of interesting spins on.

Aug 24